R&D center

Kopla R&D center will lead dreaming of a new era of new materials
Kopla of challenge and innovation
will go mightly forward the 21st century leading company.
Kopla understands the needs of its customers in advance. We offer the best solution at the right time through the prompt research and development

KOPLA R&D always strives to research and develops the best competitive materials for
global market beyond Asia to satisfy our customer in industry of engineering plastics.

It has been developing new technology of resins compositing such as PA6, PA66, and a variety of
engineering plastic materials with alloy PBT, PC, PA/ABS, PC/ABS, and PC/PBT.

As customers’ needs become increasingly diversified, KOPLA is also committed to develop new material of super engineering plastics for high performance products (PPS, PPA, PCT). These products include high heat transfer, high heat resistance, electromagnetic interference shielding, and halogen-free flame retardants

Recently, it has been released lighter materials for electronic parts as well.

All researchers have done their absolute best to make KOPLA R&D an institute which provides high value beyond our customer expectations.

KOPLA has achieved this through continuous innovation and developing market oriented products including composite materials of glass fibers, glass beads, and carbon fibers.