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  • Compound Processing Technology

    Compound Processing Technology

    Compound processing technology is a blending technology that uses the above extruder. The extruder employs 1 to 2 rotational mixing screws which assist in mixing, blending, and compounding the additives, functional materials, and reinforcement fillers.
    KOPLA has lots of know-how when it comes to formulating and processing technology that will provide market oriented products to meet diverse customer demands.

  • Polymer compositing materials

    Polymer compositing materials

      Polymers can be classified by general, engineering & super engineering plastics, according to the polymers structure and heat performance.
      KOPLA produces and develops many compositing materials based with PP, PA6, PA66, PBT, PET, and Alloy. KOPLA also plan to compound super engineering plastics like PPS, PPA, PCT, PEEK through compounding technology, as well as long-fiber reinforced technology.

  • LFT processing

    LFT processing

    LFRT(Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic) is a pultrusion process which uses molten polymer to impregnate the glass fiber, carbon fiber, and etc.
    This technology is used to maximize impregnation quality. Pellet length is normally longer (9~15mm) than the general compound pellets (3mm).
    LFRT materials have excellent strength against high impact, even in low temperature.

  • New product development

    New product development

      Light-weight material
      Carbon fiber reinforced material