Privacy policy

Privacy policy

1. General Provisions
2. Items of personal information to collect and how to collect
3. Purpose of personal information collection and utilization
4. Matters concerning third party provision of personal information
5. Processing and Retention Period of Personal Information
6. Rights of users and legal representatives and how to exercise them
7. Matters concerning security measures for personal information
8. Contact information of personal information manager and contact person
9. Purpose and object of automatic collection of personal information
10. Notice of Privacy Policy

1. General Provisions

1) Personal information is information about an individual who is alive, and information that can identify the individual by the name, resident registration number, etc. included in the information (the information alone can easily identify the individual, Including those that can be identified by combining them.

2) KOPLA (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") places great importance on the protection of the user's personal information, and provides information and communication service providers such as the Information Communication Network Promotion and Information Protection Act, the Personal Information Protection Act, We comply with the personal information protection regulations of related laws and regulations that we must comply with. We will inform you about the purpose and use of the personal information provided by the user through the privacy policy and what measures are being taken to protect personal information.

3) The company discloses its privacy policy on the first page of the website so that users can easily see it at any time.

4) The Company has established the procedures necessary for the revision in order to continuously improve the privacy policy, and can change the privacy policy according to the company's needs and social changes. If you revise your privacy policy, you will be given a version number so that you can easily find out what has changed.

2. Items of personal information to collect and how to collect

The Company collects personal information in the following ways:

1) Product inquiry: Collected through homepage Q & A bulletin board

Required items: Cell phone number/Name/E-MAIL

3. Purpose of personal information collection and utilization

The Company processes personal information for the following purposes:
Name, e-mail, mobile phone number Secure communication path for product inquiry

The processed personal information will not be used for any purpose other than the following purposes.

4. Matters concerning third party provision of personal information

1) The Company shall use the personal information of the users within the limits stated in "3. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information" and use the personal information of the user in excess of the scope without prior consent of the user or in principle, We do not disclose but, in the case below, we make exception.

① If users agree in advance
② In accordance with the provisions of laws and ordinances, when there is a request from the investigation agency in accordance with the procedures and methods prescribed in the Act for the purpose of investigation

5. Processing and Retention Period of Personal Information

1) The company has personal information
• Period of use Personal information when collecting personal information
• Process personal information within the period of use
• Destroy and destroy.

① Each personal information processing and retention period is as follows.

Personal information is collected and used for personal information from the date of agreement until the end of the period specified below will be destroyed after use.

Contact Information
- Retention period: 5 years after customer inquiry
- Possession basis: Company internal policy

② Exceptions to personal information retention
In the event that the purpose of the collection or the purpose received is fulfilled, it is necessary to preserve for a certain period of time the reason for the confirmation of the relationship between the rights and obligations of the transaction in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, Or you can have some

6. Rights of users and legal representatives and how to exercise them

1) The information subject can exercise the right of personal information protection at any time with respect to the company.
① Delete request
② Process stop request

You have the right to protect your personal information and to protect yourself and not to infringe on the information of others. Please be careful not to let your personal information including passwords leak, and do not damage personal information of others including post. If you damage the information and dignity of others, you may be punished by the relevant laws and regulations. Infringement of Personal Information • We will inform you through leaked e-mails and homepage announcements without any delay.

Please enter your personal information in the most accurate state to prevent unexpected accidents. You are responsible for any accidents caused by inaccurate information.

You or your legal representative may require the Company to correct or delete your personal information or personal information from persons under the age of 14. However, when the statute specifies that personal information is collected, it can not be requested to be deleted.

2) The exercise of the rights under Paragraph 1 may be done by e-mail in accordance with the form prepared for the Company and the Company shall take action without delay.

3) If the information subject has requested correction or deletion of personal information, the company will not use or provide the personal information until the correction or deletion is completed. Also, if wrong personal information has already been provided to a third party, we will notify the third party without delay and correct the result of the correction process.

4) In the following cases, you can restrict or refuse to view and let us know the reason

In case of violation of laws, etc.
There is a risk of harming the life or body of the person or another person, or There is a risk of unfairly infringing the property or other interests of another person.

- if it is solely for the purpose of harming the service concerned, or if it causes repeated difficulties in the performance of the company's business

7. Matters concerning security measures for personal information

The Company takes the following technical and administrative measures to ensure the safety of personal information in order to prevent personal information from being lost, stolen, leaked, altered or damaged in handling personal information of users

The Company has the following technical, administrative and physical measures to ensure safety.

1) Perform regular self-audit
We regularly conduct our own audits to ensure the safety of handling personal information.

2) Establishment and enforcement of internal management plan
We have established and implemented an internal management plan for the safe handling of personal information.

3) Other
the Company is not responsible for any mistakes made by users or risks arising from basic Internet risks. Each individual customer is responsible for properly managing his information and for taking responsibility for protecting his or her personal information.

- We comply with the relevant laws such as the , the Enforcement Decree, the Enforcement Rules, and the safeguard measure for personal information.

8. Contact information of personal information manager and contact person

1) If the information entity asks about personal information protection related inquiries, complaint handling, damage relief, etc. that occurred while using the company's service (or business) to the person in charge of personal information management and responsible department, I will reply without delay

Personal information manager
- Affiliated department: Corporate management department
- Contact person email: info@kopla.com
- phone number:+1-706-663-3900

2) Please contact the following organizations if you need to report or consult about other personal information infringement.

individual Dispute Resolution Committee: www.1336.or.kr/1336
- Information Protection Mark Certification Committee: www.eprivacy.or.kr / 02-580-0533 ~ 4
- Internet Crime Investigation Center, Supreme Prosecutor's Office: icic.sppo.go.kr / 02-3480-3600
- Police Cyber ​​Terror Response Center: www.ctrc.go.kr / 02-392-0330

9. Purpose and object of automatic collection of personal information

The Company does not operate a device that collects personal information that is automatically generated when using Internet services such as cookies.

10. Notice of Privacy Policy

The current Privacy Policy was enacted on September 10, 2018, and if there is a change in government policy or security technology, it will be posted on the website (or e-mail) at least 7 days in advance I will

Privacy Policy Enforcement Date: 2018-09-10
Privacy Policy Revision Date: 2018-09-10