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KOPLA has been developing and supplying the composite materials for the automobile industry since 1997. We released the first PA66(anti-impact materials) for "Roof-rack cover" in 2003, and registered the material to Hyundai Motors.

After three years of joint research with Hyundai motors, we succeeded in developing the "Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) PA66 products" in 2006, the material first used for radiator tank in Korea.

We patented the compositing technology in Korea and abroad, which awarded us Chang Young Sil prize in Korea and demonstrated our desire for quality management and technology development.

Since then, we have developed materials for "Wheel cover, Fan/Shroud, Gear shift lever, FEM, Engine cover and Cylinder head cover” while conducting joint research with Hyundai motors every year.

Recently, we have been introducing high quality engineering plastic resins of PA6, PA66, PA Alloy, and compositing PP with price competitiveness to benefit automotive clients.

Since 2009, we have been developing materials of Pedal, Mirror bracket, and AIM for applications of General Motors in globe, and have produced LFT materials that are mainly used for lighter automotive parts.

We have dedicated to develop eco-friendly material such as PPS, PPA, and PCT in 2013. This allows for expansion of lighter materials including carbon fiber reinforced composite, high heat resistance materials, and high strength materials.

Additionally, we have established a plant in Georgia, USA as the first global production base in 2014. The plant allows us to fully expand into NA and Europe market, while continuously growing in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, China, and Japan.