Kopla will go with you to create the dreams and future
Kopla of challenge and innovation
will go mightly forward the 21st century leading company.

“Our focus is to provide global customers with a competitive product, and we believe our success is only possible if our product can meet each customer's needs.”

We have been producing Engineering Plastics Resins since 1997.
Through technology and innovation, we have grown into a leading plastics company with a global perspective in this 21st century.
KOPLA’s business principles include creating value for society, customer satisfaction, quality assurance, and challenge-driven innovation.

Our core values are Creativity, Integrity, and Co-operation. Creativity is the first step to discover a new opportunity in today’s fast-paced global market.
Integrity reflects our commitment to meet the needs of our customers and provide them with quality products. Co-operation means our openness to work with our customers and how we value their input.

The history of KOPLA shows that we haven’t been deterred by the fear of failure. We have constantly challenged the norms and explored the new possibilities. Our people put their trust into the company and made things possible for our customers through their passion and hard-work.
Now KOPLA has positioned itself as a major engineering plastic company in Korea. We won’t stop here. We believe that a company works like us humans do.

Those who settle can never go anywhere and will eventually deteriorate.
Those who study and cultivate can evolve into better beings.
KOPLA won’t settle with the present. We will continue to move forward and develop a more effective way to bring prosperity for us and our customers.

Thank you.